Haute Couture Dresses

Custom evening gowns & wedding dresses made to order exactly the way the client needs or wants.



Darius Cordell has produced custom wedding dresses and couture evening gowns for women all over the world since 1996.  Our custom designs are affordable.  Darius Cordell also specializes in making replicas of couture designer dresses.  So if what you want is more than you can afford we can make a version for you that will look similar but cost less.

Custom Ball Gowns

All made to order specific to you

Elegant made to order Wedding Dresses

Customization can be made to any design to make it your own

Mother of The Bride Evening Dresses

Affordable designs with quality details

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Mother of the Bride Dresses

If you are tired of seeing the traditional mother of the bride garments we can help.  Have a custom design made to your personal taste and style by Darius Cordell.


Pageant Gowns

Our company originally began focusing on only pageant gowns and attire for beauty competitions.  You can have an original Darius Cordell pageant gown made for an affordable price.


Formal Ball Gowns

Darius Cordell can make elegant ball gowns that are perfect for your next black tie event. 


To my surprize, my dress turned out AMAZING! I decided to pay the extra for personal measurements and it was so worth it. The fit is perfect! I know nothing about fabrics. But I knew I didnt want it to be too heavy. I asked for something more light weight and that is what I got. I will admit I was rather annoyed at the begining when I woudl ask a question and they would refer me to their Q & A page. But I get it. It makes sense. And the info there was very thourough. But still. And after I paid my balance it did take a few weeks to get the dress in . But when I did finally get it and tried it on I almost cried. It was so worth the anxiety of not knowing if it would look right. But it did! Thank you Darius Cordell and your team. Sorry I was a handful at the begining. I appreciate you all working with me to create this magical dress. Thanks Again!

Lana Eastman

I am sending photos of me in my most beautiful gown that was made by your company. I was the belle of the ball!!! I want to thank you and everyone for making me look so good at my son’s wedding on Sept. 18/2016 It came on time and it was everything that I hoped it would be. It was perfect. The size and colour was exactly what I had wanted. It did not need any altering. 

Evy Gold

Darius Cordell and his team created the most perfect dress for me. The price was great. My dress really was very similar to the picture I gave them. But the best part is the fit was near perfection. I don’t know how they did it. I am a very happy bride. If you are looking for custom wedding dresses for the best price I would highly recommend you check them out. It was totally worth the stress and worry. LOL. I could not be more excited to wear my dress on my special day! Thank you Darius!!!

Nellie Carlton

I just received my dress in the mail yesterday — I LOVE IT!  It’s just everything I thought I would want and more.  The cut is so ridiculously close; I only have a few minor alterations to have done.  Thank you so much for your help with this.  I am certainly happy I went with your company! I do plan to get the word out about this among my group of opera friends.  I hope you get responses!  Thank you and all of the team at Darius Cordell Couture for bringing such a fabulous dress to life.

Jamie Barton

Thank you for my wedding dress. The PS1428 in white satin is absolutely stunning on me!  I am so happy with your advice to order the 18 W. Yes it needs some minor alterations but the gown fits beautifully on me. The gown accentuates my full figure! Thank you again for your guidance and patience to help me achieve the dream of being the bride I have always wanted to be!

Marlena May